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Washup from the 2017 IJSC

Feb, 22 2017 by Dave

It was a big few days of training, gradings and competition in Melbourne. Congratulations to Sharma Wrightson who passed 3 Dan iaido and sometimes Baysider Damon Schearer along with Brendan Kee from Canberra for 5 Dan jodo.

Pictured are Tsukadaira Sensei, Yaguchi Sensei, Hiroko Tsukadaira, Sharma and me with Ohara Sensei.

Tsukadaira Sensei, Sharma, me, Higashi Sensei and delegation leaders Shiiya and Namitome Sensei.

Also, the winning Qld iaido team consisting of Sharma Wrightson, Hiroko Tsukadaira and Tom Johnson.

Washup from the 2017 IJSC Washup from the 2017 IJSC Washup from the 2017 IJSC

Happy 2017

Jan, 8 2017 by Dave

We are back in action for 2017, time to get off the couch and back on the mat. First items on the agenda will be an iaido workshop with Tsukadaira Sensei next Saturday 14 January and the National Iaido Jodo Seminar and Championship in Melbourne from 17-21 February. Training next Saturday will be at the Ken Shin Kan Dojo, Mt Gravatt High School Creighton Street, Mt Gravatt. 10am to 4pm. Cost $30.