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Welcome to 2018

Jan, 31 2018 by Dave

Happy new year to everyone! I’m happy to report that things are up and running again for 2018 and there’s already a bit that has been happening.

I made it up to Japan for about 10 days where either side of experiencing some ice and snow, I got to check out the Osaka Iaido Taikai and also the ZNKR Jodo Seminar in Tokyo. A really great chance to experience some of the best in the business in both iaido and jodo.

Pretty much straight afterwards we had the AKR Iaido Jodo Seminar and Championships in Sydney from 20 -25 January. Bayside Budokai was well represented with Sharma, Sundara and Narada Wrightson leading the charge. After some top level instruction from the teaching delegation and enduring a few days of hot weather, the Wrightsons blitzed the iaido competition events. Sundara punched above her grade level to take out the individual 2 Dan event and then teamed up with the rest of the family to make up the Queensland Team and take out the 2018 title. To top it off, Sundara came close to a finals berth in the International Goodwill Competition representing Indonesia (go figure) and Narada picked up the Iaido Encouragement Award.

The IJSC concluded with grading tests where happily Sundara was successful in being graded to 2 Dan and Narada to 1 Dan. Congratulations to you both. Yours truly also managed to get over the line for 5 Dan jodo.

Here's a snap of us with this year’s delegation leader Shiiya Mitsuo Sensei, 8 Dan Hanshi jodo and 7 Dan Kyoshi iaido.

It was a real privilege to learn from Shiiya Sensei and the teaching delegation he put together. The good news is that it looks like he will be back for 2019 in Tasmania where we will hopefully get some cooler weather.

Shiiya Mitsuo Sensei