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About Us

Bayside Budokai

The Bayside Budokai is a not for profit martial arts club based in Wynnum, on the bayside of Brisbane.

Quality instruction is provided in three Japanese martial arts or budo: aikido, iaido, and jodo. Each art is an individual tradition in its own right, however shared concepts and basic principles mean that students can practise one or all of the arts on offer.

The club aims to provide a supportive and safe training environment where we work together to reach our full potential.

Our motto is heijo shin kore michi meaning that the aim of training is to develop a calm undisturbed state of mind regardless of the situation. Training is not aimed at producing street fighters or samurai wannabes rather people of good character able to cope with adversity in whatever form.

We look forward to training with you soon.

Getting Started

To get started simply show up at one of our scheduled training sessions. Beginners can start at any time but are expected to observe a training session before participating. This is simply to gain some idea of what is involved. After observing a class, feel free to take advantage of a no obligation introductory lesson.

Beginners are encouraged to initially concentrate on one particular art in order to develop a degree of competence before attempting one of the other arts on offer. Children’s classes are only offered in the art of aikido.

Contact Details

For further information contact Dave on 0409250065 or at