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Christmas and New Year

Dec 18, 2007 by Dave

There’s no rest for the wicked and classes will continue over the Christmas period. However, naturally there will be no training on Christmas Day itself. Why not get 2008 off to a good start and join us for aikido from 8.30 to 10.00 on New Year’s morning?


Dec 18, 2007 by Dave

We’ve had a bunch of visitors over the last few weeks. First of all Miss Wakana from Tada Shihan’s Gessoji Dojo in Tokyo dropped by for a Thursday night practice. Following that former rogue cop now Canberra bureaucrat, Damon Schearer turned during a weekend visit for his high school reunion in Ipswich. Damon has started an iaido and jodo class at the ANU and details can be located here. Then last but not least, Dave Brown Sensei led two inspired classes. I’d like to than Dave and everyone who turned up and filled the mat.

Guest Instructor David Brown Sensei

Nov 20, 2007 by Dave

David Brown Sensei 6 Dan from Melbourne will be visiting Brisbane early next month and will our guest instructor for aikido on Thursday 6 and Sunday 8 December. Normal class times and costs will apply and everyone is welcome. This is a great chance to pick up something special from one of Australia’s most experienced and popular teachers. Drop me an email or call if you need more details.

Dojo Up and Running

Nov 7, 2007 by Dave

Well the dojo is now up and running with the first classes having started last week. Thanks to everyone who helped out and came down. On Tuesday the Ronin learnt the difference between Wynnum and Wynnum Central Railway Stations and Flynn Jullyan earnt the honour of being the first participant in the juniors’ class. Sunday’s iaido class got off to a good start and a bunch of aikido heavies came down from the big smoke to shake off a few of my cobwebs and check for signs of dugong feasting on the sea grass beds down at the foreshore after training.

Iaido Seminar with Oda Sensei in Melbourne 27/28 October 2007

Oct 30, 2007 by Dave

I have just returned from an iaido seminar with Oda Sensei 8 Dan Hanshi hosted by the Kenshikan Dojo in Melbourne. Sensei was in fine form and his seminar covered the first 8 kata of Zen Ken Ren iai in some detail, personally giving me a fair bit to work on. The event was very well attended by the various clubs affiliated with the VKR and included dan and kyu gradings in iaido and jodo on Saturday afternoon. My personal thanks to the Kenshikan for organising the seminar, and Tony and Andrea Pickering for their hospitality. Don't forget Oda Sensei will be joining us on the Gold Coast in January for the 2008 Iaido Jodo Seminar and Championships.

Welcome to the Bayside Budokai

Oct 9, 2007 by Dave

Preparations are now underway for our first class due to commence on Tuesday 30 October 2007. There will be juniors aikido starting at 5.30pm and then our first jodo class at 6.45pm. This is a great opportunity to get in at the ground floor and start something new! Remember there is no obligation for your first class. If you have any questions feel free to call or drop me an email.