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End of Year Schedule

Dec, 12 2016 by Dave

Apologies for the fairly disrupted end to 2016. There will not be a class next Tuesday (13 December) but all other classes will be as scheduled up until our final session on Thursday 22 December. We will kick off again in 2017 on Tuesday 3 January.

Grading Results

Dec, 12 2016 by Dave

We've had a few gradings recently. For aikido, congratulations to James Webley and Narada Wrightson who tested for 4 kyu on 27 November. In Narada's case this is an upgrade to the senior ranks, so well done. Narada fronted up again for iaido at the QKR grading on 4 December where he passed the test for 1 kyu. Good job also by Ka Lun Leung for nailing 2 kyu iaido.

Number 19C

Nov, 21 2016 by Dave

Members and friends of Bayside Budokai have probably been following the saga of my ongoing attempts at iaido 6 Dan. Well, after about 6 years and on the 10th attempt, the unthinkable happened and I managed to get over the line at the grading in Tokyo on 19 November. Actually it is probably better say that I was pushed over the line by all the people who have supported me. I'd just like to express my appreciation to my family, teachers and friends who wouldn't let me give up. Some people who immediately come to mind are Naoko and Emi for putting up with my trips away, Ikeda Sensei, Obayashi Sensei, Mitsuyuki Sensei, Matsumoto Sensei and all the other teachers and members of the Osaka Dai Ken Kyo, Oda Sensei and Nagayama Sensei: AKR Technical Advisors, Tsukadaira Sensei and Hiroko from the Gold Coast, Igarashi san from Nosyudo for taking care of my sword, and Shimamoto Sensei, Mama san and Tamayuki san for their hospitality in putting me up at Shosenji in Osaka. Sorry to all the people that I haven't mentioned.

This time, I got grading number 19C. There's a photo floating around that confirms that it wasn't the first time that I was given that number. Anyway, in spite of being less familiar with the set techniques this time around, it proved to turn out okay with 19C appearing on the result sheet. I've even got the photo to prove it. Look out people I've now only got 6 years to get ready for 7 Dan!

Iaido 6 Dan

Chamberlain Sensei

Oct, 2 2016 by Dave

Sad news this week with the passing of Dr Fujiko Chamberlain at the age of 88 years. Chamberlain Sensei taught Japanese at the University of Queensland and was an institution in the Japanese community in Brisbane. She was a committee member of the Australia Japan Society for many years and worked tirelessly to promote Australia Japan relations. Through her sons Ted (kyudo) and Satoru (kendo) she also became a significant supporter of the QKR.

I first met Dr Chamberlain back in 1993 when I applied for an Australia Japan Society Scholarship to study policing methods and looking back, I'm pretty sure that she pushed me over the line. She then became a huge help, giving up her time to translate letters and open doors. During the couple of months spent in Japan, I did check out the police stuff but also did a heap of iaido and aikido training. It was then that I first met Obayashi Sensei and the other iaido teachers at Dai Ken Kyo and also Shimamoto Shihan for aikido, relationships that have continued and grown to this day. I'd be one of hundreds of people whose lives she touched in similar ways and I'll be forever grateful.

Along with Tsukadaira Sensei and Hiroko san from the Gold Coast I was able to help represent the QKR at a dignified memorial service for Chamberlain Sensei at UQ last Friday. On behalf of Bayside Budokai I'd like to express sincere condolences to her family and friends. She was a great lady and will be sadly missed.

Schedule Update

Aug, 23 2016 by Dave

After a prolonged break, jodo is on the go again at Newstead on Friday evenings. Fridays will now be Jodo 5.30pm to 6.30pm followed immediately by iaido. We also have a decision and are going to the board for the Sunday lineup. Commencing 4 September we'll be doing iaido from 7.00am ( that's right 7.00am) and then aikido at 8.30am.

More Grading Stuff

Aug, 23 2016 by Dave

Good work by aikido jets Nakula Wrightson junior 3kyu and Narada Wrightson junior 2kyu who blasted their tests on 16 August 2016. Meanwhile, there are more happy certificate receivers: Ka Lun (aka Dreamy) Leung iaido 3kyu and Dr Kim Bowman iaido 2 Dan. Thanks for your efforts everyone!

Ka Lun Leung

Dr Kim Bowman

Aidan Corey 8 Kyu

Aug, 10 2016 by Dave

We had another test last night (9 August) with Aidan Corey powering his way to 8 kyu Aikido. Also got to hand out some certificates for Sundara Wrightson Iaido Shodan, Narada Wrightson Iaido 2 kyu and Emiko Kolb Aikido 9 kyu. Nice going everyone!

Aiden Corey

Emiko Kolb

Grading Results

Jul, 18 2016 by Dave

We've had some gradings recently for juniors aikido and iaido.

For aikido, congratulations to Ben Webley and Omkara Wrightson (10 kyu) and Suvasa Wrightson and Emiko Kolb (9kyu) as of 21 June 2016. We'll have more to follow over the next few weeks.

For iaido, the team headed down to the QKR Seminar last weekend 9/10 July and cleaned up. Congratulations to Ka Lun Leung, AKA Dreamy (3kyu), Narada Wrightson (2kyu), Sundara Wrightson (shodan) and Dr Kim Bowman (nidan).

In the meantime, I headed to Kagawa Japan for another crack at 6 dan iai but will have to try again. Thanks again though to everyone who keeps supporting me and congratulations to Russell Lawrence from Perth who made the grade.

Training in July

Jun, 23 2016 by Dave

Apologies, but I will be travelling to and fro for a big chunk of July. That means quite a few classes won't be on.

Easiest thing is to probably list which classes will be happening as follows:

Tue 12 Juniors Aiki and Iai at Wynnum
Thu 14 Adult Aikido at Wynnum
Fri 15 Iai at Newstead
Sun 17 Iai and Adult Aikido at Wynnum
Tue 26 Juniors Aikido and Iai at Wynnum
Thu 28 Adult Aikido at Wynnum
Fri 29 Iai at Newstead
Sun 31 Iai and Adult Aikido at Wynnum

Dojo Opening One Year Ago

Apr, 25 2016 by Dave

It's the first anniversary of Shimamoto Shihan coming to open our little dojo. Thanks again to Shihan and everyone for coming to keiko over the past twelve months. BTW Happy Birthday to Col as well.

Dojo Opening One Year Ago

Aikido 5 Dan

Jan, 11 2016 by Dave

My name made it on the on the list for 5 Dan at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo Kagami Biraki New Year ceremony. I'm humbled by the recommendation from Shimamoto Shihan and his continued support for us. Thanks also for best wishes from friends far and wide. Going to have to make a big effort to live up to it.

Welcome to 2016

Jan 11, 2016 by Dave

We are back in action for 2016. We kicked off last Thursday night and this morning got to present certificates to Georgia Fleischer (2kyu) and Leonie Tibbetts (4kyu) from tests conducted at the end of last year. James Webley can receive his certificate when he gets back on the mat after what was obviously a big Xmas spent practising ukemi from his pushbike.

Welcome 2016

Upcoming Events

Jan 11, 2016 by Dave

I'm off to the iaido/jodo seminar during the week after next. The upshot is that there will be no juniors aikido or iaido on Tuesday 19 January, or iaido at Newstead on Friday 22 January. Aikido on Thursday 21 January and iaido/aikido on Sunday 24 January will be as normal. Also, a reminder that there will be no training on Tuesday 26 January, Australia Day Holiday.