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Goodbye 2022

Dec, 06 2022 by Dave

We are now at the end of 2022. Our last class for the year will be on Friday 23 December jodo/iaido at Northside Budokai at Nundah. Last class at Wynnum will be aikido on Thursday 22 December. We will kick off 2023 with aikido at Wynnum on Thursday 5 January.

Japan and Back September and November

Dec, 06 2022 by Dave

After about two years of no travel due to Covid restrictions, I have made two trips to Japan in recent months.

We had a family trip during the September School Holidays. During this time we visited Osaka, where I found time to attend practice at Shosenji Dojo and also a seminar on ZenKenRen iaido. It was fantastic to catch up with Shimamoto Shihan and also Mitsuyuki Sensei from Dai Ken Kyo and all of my friends from both aikido and iaido. I dropped into Seki in Gifu Prefecture to see Keiji Igarashi and help the bottom line at Nosyudo before being lucky to have a one on one session with Komura Sensei. In Hokkaido I attended iaido training in Sapporo with Yaguchi Sensei and her group, where once again I got some detailed instruction on my shortcomings.

Shosenji Tamayuki Hiroyuki

Seki Igarashi

Seki Komura

Iai Sapporo Sept

I was back in November for a few days in Osaka before having an attempt at 7 Dan iaido in Tokyo on 27 November. A highlight was attending an amazing aikido class by Tamayuki Shimamoto Sensei at Shosenji which was also attended by his son Hiroyuki who I hadn’t met since he was a little kid. On the iaido front, I crashed and burned at the Osaka Danbetsu Taikai but had great training sessions at DaiKenKyo and at the Shudokan at Osaka Castle under the watchful eye of Mitsuyuki Sensei. As far as the examination is concerned, let’s just say that I have to clean up my act a bit before my next attempt. However, the good news is that our man in Canberra, Damon Schearer passed 6 Dan as did Tom Johnson from Queensland Kohokai. Both on their first go, really fantastic.

Junior Certificates

Dec, 06 2022 by Dave

Great to present some certificates to the aikido juniors following some tests taken over the past few months. Congratulations to Victor Tashiro Northey 8 kyu, Rana Van Staden 7 kyu, Mili Masuda-Kevans 6 kyu, Azumi Masuda-Kevans 4 kyu, Lucian Van Staden 3 kyu, and (absent) Omkara Wrightson 2 kyu. Well done everyone and keep up the great effort.

Juniors 151122

Joint Training Day and Grading October

Dec, 06 2022 by Dave

It was a pleasure to have Gotaro Kitayama Sensei and the team from our sister dojo Gold Coast Budokai join us for some training and aikido kyu grading tests on Sunday 23 October. Pleased to report that everyone went very well and were a credit to the standard of practice on the GC. Successful candidates included our own Thursday night regular, Evan Haklar who passed 1 kyu. Congratulations all around.

Joint training Oct 1

Joint training Oct 2

Nakula Wrightson 3 Kyu Iaido

Dec, 06 2022 by Dave

Congratulations to Nakula Wrightson for passing 3 kyu iaido at the QKR Grading on 17 September in Toowoomba. Here he is in action and later receiving his certificate. Nice going.

Nakula Grading

Nakula Cert

New Friday Venue 2022

Dec, 06 2022 by Dave

With the Brisbane Aikikai moving to new digs at Paddington we have a new venue for jodo and iaido on Friday nights. The Northside Budokai is operating from the Holy Spirit Anglican Church Hall at 75 Olive, Street at Nundah. Same times as before jodo from 5.30 to 6.30pm followed by iaido from 6.30 to 7.30pm on Friday evenings. In addition to jodo and iaido, Lynford and the boys are also doing aikido on Tuesday nights. Details available at

Nundah Hall

Greg Mapstone Sensei

Dec, 01 2022 by Dave

Back in September, we received the sad news that Greg Mapstone Sensei had passed away. Greg was my original iaido teacher some 30 or so years ago. I put together a few words about Greg and training back in those days which can be found here on the Articles Page.

Last Drinks at Newstead

Sept, 05 2022 by Dave

Most people will probably aware that Brisbane Aiki Kai is moving later this month. This means that we will no longer have access to the venue. Our last session at Newstead will be Friday 9 September. I will be away for a few weeks after that and Friday evening classes will resume at Wynnum on 7 October. Same time: Jodo at 5.30pm and Iaido at 6.30pm.

Change to Class Schedule

Sept, 05 2022 by Dave

I will be away for the September School holidays. Apologies, but this means no training from 16 Sept until 1 Oct inclusive. Airlines permitting, we will be back in action on Sunday 2 October.

AKR Grading and Championship

Aug, 12 2022 by Dave

Massive weekend in Toowoomba for Bayside Budokai members at the Australian Kendo Renmei National Iaido Grading, Championship, and Seminar from 30 July to 1 August. The event kicked off with Dan Grade examinations that saw Kyle McInnes pass 1 Dan with Shyama Wrightson and Lynford Rossos being awarded 4 Dan, a real achievement.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Wrightson family dominated the competition events. Sundara Wrightson picked up gold in the 3 Dan event with Shyama silver, and Narada bronze. Narada scored another gold in the team event and Nakula silver in the kyu competition in his first outing.

Well done and congratulations to you all.

AKR Grading and Championship 1

AKR Grading and Championship 2

St Patrick’s College Incursion Program

Aug, 12 2022 by Dave

For the second year running we were invited to St Patrick’s College Shorncliffe to conduct an incursion program for Year 8 students. They are studying Feudal Japan, so we spoke about the Edo Jidai with a focus on the Bushi or Samurai class. We ran sessions over two days, 26 and 27 July that included demonstrations of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu swordsmanship and getting the students to participate in paired bokken exercises. Thank you St Pat’s for the opportunity and to the students for their attentiveness and for having a go.

St Patrick’s College Incursion Program 1

St Patrick’s College Incursion Program 2

David Brown Sensei on the Bayside

May, 05 2022 by Dave

It was a privilege to host David Brown Sensei at Bayside Budokai on 23 and 24 April. In spite of Covid restrictions and health concerns over recent years, he was full of life and led some inspiring classes that focussed on the interconnection between aikido waza and the relationship with the sword. It was classic Wizard.

During his stay he also took the Tuesday night class at our affiliated Kitayama Dojo at Coomera.

Thank you DB, and the guests from the Gold Coast and also Cairns who came along. Also appreciation to Lynford and Gotaro for organising.

Aiden Corey

Aiden Corey

Aiden Corey

Aiden Corey

Junior Promotions

Apr, 23 2022 by Dave

Congratulations to Victor Tashiro Northey Junior 9 Kyu on 15 March 2022 and Mili Masuda Kevans Junior 7 Kyu on 22 March 2022. Well done to you both.

Kitayama Dojo Opening

Apr, 23 2022 by Dave

After several Covid delays the Gold Coast Budokai Aikido Kitayama Dojo had it’s official opening last Sunday. Congratulations to Gotaro Kitayama Sensei and family, and thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Classes for children and adults are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Upper Coomera Community Centre 90 Reserve Rd, Upper Coomera.

Class Schedule Changes

Apr, 10 2022 by Dave

There’s a few things happening over the next month or so, which will result in changes to the class schedule.

Sunday 17 April: No iai or aikido at Wynnum. Aikido will be at the Kitayama Dojo opening at Coomera.
Sunday 17 April: No iai or aikido at Wynnum. Aikido will be at the Kitayama Dojo opening at Coomera.
Sunday 24 April: Iai as normal. Aikido will be from 9-12 with David Brown Sensei.
Sunday 1 May: No training at Wynnum. AKR Jodo Event in Toowoomba.
Sunday 8 May: No training at Wynnum. Aikido will be at Brisbane Aikikai 9-12.
Friday 20 May: No training at Newstead.
Sunday 22 May: No training at Wynnum.

More Certificates

Feb, 23 2022 by Dave

Still working through presentation of grading certificates. A couple of weeks ago certificates were presented to Sundara Wrightson aikido 3kyu and Narada Wrightson 2kyu from 19/12/21. Last week I caught up with Azumi Masuda-Kevins junior 5kyu from 7/12/21 as well as Lucian and Ran Van Staden junior 4kyu and junior 8kyu from 14/12/21. Last night, Omkara Wrightson was in the frame with junior 3kyu from 21/12/21. On the iaido front, presentations were made to Kyle McInnes 2kyu and also Narada Wrightson 3 Dan from grading tests conducted in December last year. Congratulations to you all.





Grading Certificates

Jan, 30 2022 by Dave

We did a series of grading tests prior to Christmas and in the last couple of weeks. It was great to present some certificates today. Congratulations to Simon James 4 kyu on 23 January 2022, Ayanoshin Kitayama junior 8 kyu on 4 January 2022 and Nakula Wrightson 3 kyu on 19 December 2021.


Juniors Aikido Class Suspended

Jan, 16 2022 by Dave

With the escalation of the Covid 19 outbreak, we have regretfully decided to suspend the Juniors Aikido Class on Tuesdays. The intention is to start again after schools resume on Tuesday 8 February. The remaining adult class schedule remains unchanged.

Aikido Kitayama Dojo Opening Postponed

Jan, 16 2022 by Dave

The start of Kitayama Sensei’s dojo is another casualty of the Covid situation. He’s now looking to kick off in April. Training at Wynnum will be as normal on Sunday 23 January which was to be their open day.

Shimamoto Tamayuki Sensei 7 Dan

Jan, 16 2022 by Dave

Some good news for a change. Congratulations to Shimamoto Tamayuki Sensei from the Toyonaka Shosenji Dojo whose promotion to 7 Dan was announced at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo Kagami Biraki Ceremony on 9 January. Best wishes from everyone at Bayside Budokai.

Welcome to 2022

Jan, 06 2022 by Dave

Welcome to 2022, the Year of the Tiger. Classes are all up and running once again. 2022 will also mark the 15th Anniversary for Bayside Budokai and we will have a special event to commemorate our birthday later in the year.

Budo Challenge

Jan, 06 2022 by Dave

To kick off our year we will be offering a Six Week Budo Challenge. Pretty simply, any new students who start training in January are entitled to their first 6 weeks practice without paying training fees.

Gold Coast Budokai Aikido Kitayama Dojo

Jan, 06 2022 by Dave

Gotaro Kitayama Sensei and family are in the process of moving to the Goldy. The good news is that he will be opening a sister dojo at the Upper Coomera Community Centre. Congratulations and good luck! Classes will be kicking off from the end of the month commencing with an introduction to aikido on Sunday 23 January. We will head down the M1 to offer some support, so no training at Wynnum that day.