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David Kolb

David’s martial arts training commenced when he joined his High School judo club in the mid 1970s. He then studied karate for many years initially in the Zen Do Kai style, Okinawan Goju Ryu and later Koryu Uchinadi.

He commenced aikido in 1986 under Brian Powers Sensei at the Aikidokan Dojo at Victoria Point. Upon Brian’s retirement and relocation to Tasmania, he joined Aiki Kai Australia and became one of the original members of the Brisbane Aiki Kai, acting as an instructor and Club President.

He is fortunate to have trained under the guidance of many prominent aikido teachers in Australia and overseas. He is a frequent visitor to Japan and been fortunate to train at well known dojos such as the Toyonaka Shosenji Dojo, Saku Dojo in Nagano, and the Aiki kai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. In aikido, he lists his main technical influences as being Shimamoto Shihan 8 Dan and David Brown Shihan 6 Dan.

He commenced iaido training in 1989 under the guidance of guidance of Greg Mapstone and John Isaacs at the old Brisbane City YMCA. In 1993, he travelled to Japan for the first time where he was fortunate to be able to advance his study of All Japan Kendo Renmei and Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu iaido under the guidance of Obayashi Tadashi Sensei, 8 Dan Kyoshi, of the Dai Ken Kyo iaido club in Osaka. He has maintained a close connection with Obayashi Sensei and other prominent teachers in Osaka including Ikeda Teruo Sensei, 8 Dan Hanshi.

Locally, David is active in the administration of iaido within the Australian and Queensland Kendo Renmei and is a regular participant in seminars at State and National levels.

His karate instructor, Glen Henry introduced him to the art of jodo in the early 1990s. He practised on an informal basis until 2000 when he was introduced to Nagayama Kuniaki Sensei, 7 Dan Kyoshi at the inaugural Australian Kendo Renmei National Jodo Seminar. Since that time he has followed Nagayama Sensei’s instruction and has been fortunate to train on an individual basis with him in Japan on a number of occasions.

He currently holds the grades of 5 Dan in aikido, 6 Dan Renshi in iaido, and 5 Dan in jodo.

In real life, David is a local resident having grown up in the Wynnum area. He is first aid qualified and the holder of a blue card issued by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian. He is a retired police officer, married to Naoko and proud father of daughter Emiko.