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Jodo or the way of the stick is the art of using a 4 foot wooden staff or Jo, to combat a sword wielding opponent.

The art has its origins in 17th century Japan with the founder Muso Gonnosuke, a master of kenjutsu (sword) and bojutsu (6 foot staff). Legend has it that he developed the Jo as a weapon to successfully overcome the famous swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. The art of the Jo subsequently became one of the combat arts of the Kuroda Clan based in present Fukuoka until the 20 th century when it was transmitted throughout Japan, and more recently the world.

Jodo training involves the study of basic movements and kata prearranged attack and defence movements. As with other Budo arts, Jodo is designed to preserve the ancient combat techniques, but with the aim of helping the modern student to achieve control over mind and body through repeated practice. Regular training develops timing, coordination, posture, decisiveness, and focus.

Training involves the study of the 12 basic techniques or kihon and the 12 standard kata of the All Japan Kendo Federation. The dojo is affiliated with the Queensland Kendo Renmei and students are eligible for internationally recognised grades issued by the Australian Kendo Renmei.

At more advanced levels, techniques of the koryu or original tradition of Shindo Muso Ryu may also be studied.


Initial requirement is for loose fitting comfortable clothing. A limited number of jo and bokken are available for use by new students at the dojo. However those taking up the art will soon require proper attire and their own training weapons, which will involve additional expense. Contact the instructor for details and advice.